5 picture scanner apps that will surprise you

5 picture scanner apps that will surprise you

Lifehack is a good source of practical tips. Here is their review of 5 best picture scanner apps:


When we think of scanner apps, document scanners are the first that come to mind. These are very helpful tools for saving travel receipts, saving sketches or ideas scribbled on an envelope, or capturing notes from a whiteboard. But photo-scanner apps, although newer, can be just as useful.

Here’s how they work:

Take a snapshot with your phone, edit and save the resulting scan. That’s it. No need for an expensive flatbed scanner or software for cropping and editing. The speed and quality some of these apps offer – and just how much time they save – will surprise you.

We’ve tested the best photo scanner apps on the market, and selected the cream of the crop. Here are the top 5 apps to digitize your prized pictures.

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