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Bulk transfer photos to computer from Pic Scanner Gold


Pic Scanner Gold and Pic Scanner provide many ways to share photos on social media or save to cloud and photo apps. These are great when you need to post a few photos on Facebook, or upload 40-50 to Dropbox.

Memorable Old Pictures Scanned to Digital


Memorable Photos Do these amazing photos speak to you? A penny for your thoughts – Suggest a caption for your favorite pictures scanned to digital format, in Comments section below. If you have a memorable old family photo to share,

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How to add descriptions or captions to photos?


Pic Scanner Gold provides a few different ways for you to add descriptions, captions or text to photos.  This is quite important for old photographs: As time passes, we tend to forget the dates, places and other little details that

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How to use your iPhone to view old film negatives


If you have a box full of film negatives of old photographs, here is a neat trick from Petapixel to view them as positives, using just your iPhone or iPad!                    

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How to Export Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner Gold


                        Scan photos with (or import into) Pic Scanner Gold, edit and organize them in albums and add captions. Once you are ready to share your memories, follow these

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Simplify Your Stuff and Honor Your Memories


                    How to Simplify Your Stuff and Honor Your Memories via Becoming Minimalist blog You are forced to make difficult choices when you downsize, relocate or de-clutter. Treasures or trash? Sentimentality

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How to Get Our Photo Scanner Apps For Free!


Wouldn’t you like to download Pic Scanner Gold, Pic Scanner or Photo Scanner Premium for free? Of course, you can buy these great apps in the App Store – they aren’t expensive and all are SO worth it, but we

100-year old photos rescued from the barn


Old photos rescued: “Steve Gifford was watching an old barn get torn down on East 18th Street, and he saw an old, musty photo album on the ground, ready to be scooped up by the backhoe”, reports Neita Cecil in

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7 Ways to Preserve Old Family Photos


Juliana LaBianca (Reader’s Digest) explains how to preserve old family photos. You cannot replace these vintage keepsakes if they are lost or damaged. Follow her simple advice to keep memories fresh forever. Old family photographs are irreplaceable treasures. Yet, we

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Maintaining Memories: How to Save Old Photographs


                    SAVING OLD PHOTOGRAPHS “At the beginning of this year, my grandfather passed away. While going through his things, my family discovered photographs. Amazing photographs from my grandparents’ younger years. I

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