Memorable Old Pictures Scanned to Digital

Memorable Old Pictures Scanned to Digital
And they call it puppy love!

Memorable Photos

Do these amazing photos speak to you? A penny for your thoughts – Suggest a caption for your favorite pictures scanned to digital format, in Comments section below. If you have a memorable old family photo to share, post it on our Facebook page.

We believe all the photos in this gallery to in the public domain. Wherever possible, we will add photo credits, and if you can help us fill in the blanks, would appreciate it.



The heart has no wrinkles.

1) Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number .


















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And they call it puppy love!

2) Never too young to love.
















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He did it his way

3) Bathroom mirror selfie, Frank Sinatra (1938)




















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Damsel in Distress? I’m the Man!













4) Playtime in the suburbs, 1950s

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In My Father’s Footsteps

Robert Doisneau – Growing up























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