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How to get high quality scans of photos with iPhone or iPad


You know that your iPhone and iPad have awesome cameras. You probably take a hundred or more photos a month, and perhaps also scan documents with it. But did you know that you can also use it to capture high

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Pic Scanner Gold – Photo Scanning FAQ


Photo Scanning FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) This guide contains Photo Scanning FAQ for our iOS app Pic Scanner Gold. Click the downward arrow next to any question to reveal its answer. And if you question isn’t answered in this knowledge

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Cómo escanear fotos usando su iPhone o iPad

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Hay una nueva forma de escanear fotos, y es REALMENTE fácil y rápido. La mayoría de nosotros tenemos cajas y álbumes llenos de viejas fotos familiares. Estos yacen olvidados en la casa y son vulnerables al deterioro por el envejecimiento,

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Make Greeting Cards with Old Photos (and Love!)


Do you make greeting cards for your loved ones’ birthdays and anniversaries, or make do with store-bought ones? Sending a lovingly made, personal creation is a great way to show you care. Mass-produced cards just don’t have that magic. There

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Inherited Photos? Scan Them

scan inherited photos

When my grandfather passed away in 1966, my mother and her siblings inherited photos…many boxes and albums full of them. The rare photos documented not just my mother’s and grandparents’ lifetimes, but also of previous generations. For nearly 50 years,

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Create Tilt-Shift Photos With iPhone and Pic Scanner Gold App


Before we get into creating cool tilt-shift photos, a bit about Pic Scanner Gold. This is a photo scanner app for iOS that lets you scan and auto-crop multiple photos with one touch. It also has many other fun and

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How to add descriptions or captions to photos?


Pic Scanner Gold app provides a few different ways for you to add descriptions, captions or text to photos.  This is quite important for old photographs: As time passes, we tend to forget the dates, places and other little details

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How to Export Photos Scanned with Pic Scanner Gold


                        Scan photos with (or import into) Pic Scanner Gold, edit and organize them in albums and add captions. Once you are ready to share your memories, follow these

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Simplify Your Stuff and Honor Your Memories


                    How to Simplify Your Stuff and Honor Your Memories via Becoming Minimalist blog You are forced to make difficult choices when you downsize, relocate or de-clutter. Treasures or trash? Sentimentality

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