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iPhone is your go-to camera. But did you know there are really good telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses for smartphones? Learn about the best camera lenses for iPhone.

Two eminent photographers take an in-depth look at the best camera lenses for iPhone. Because just good won’t do. If you need advice on external lens attachments for your iPhone, look no further. These two articles could help take your iPhoneography to the next level.


Erin Lodi, photojournalist. He makes recommendations on wide angle and telephoto lenses.

Glenn Fleishman: Looks at the best macro lenses in the market for close-up nature photography

The best lenses for iPhoneography


                      Serious about iPhoneography? If you are a keen photographer, you probably have mixed feelings about your iPhone camera. You use it a lot more than your DSLR, but miss

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