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How to save photos from Pic Scanner Gold to computer

Save photos from app to computer?

Pic Scanner Gold and Pic Scanner apps allow you to freely export scanned photos. You can post them on social media or save photos in cloud and photo apps. This is great if you need to post a few photos on Facebook, upload 40-50 photos to Dropbox, or email 4-5 to someone. With Pic Scanner Gold, you can also use Airdrop, iCloud Files or other cloud services.

But if you need to bulk save photos – and you have hundreds, or thousands of pictures – this can take a long time. In this post, we will show you an easy alternative.

Bulk transfer photos to computer

This shortcut will save ALL photos from Pic Scanner Gold’s Gallery (or Pic Scanner’s Cropped) screen on your computer.

  • Connect iPhone or iPad to computer via USB cable. Launch iTunes on computer, and select your device [See (1) below].

bulk transfer photos to computer

  • Click File Sharing in iTunes sidebar on the left [(2) above]. The right pane will show all the apps whose data is backed up [(3) above].
  • Click on Pic Scanner Gold or Pic Scanner [(4) above]. Further right side will show some folders and files e.g. original_images, splitted_images, etc. Select splitted_images FOLDER, and drag it onto computer’s desktop. This folder will have all the photos you have on your Gallery (Pic Scanner Gold) or Cropped (Pic Scanner) screens.
  • Close iTunes and disconnect your device from the computer. On computer desktop, rename the folder from splitted_image to whatever you want.
¬†Photos scanned with our apps are named according to the convention: spl_32_YYYYMMddHHmmss_photoCount.jpg (where YYYYMMddHHmmss is the date and time of scanning). To bulk rename them with another prefix e.g. 1970s Album is very easy. On Mac: Open the folder that you transferred with the above procedure > Select all the photos > Right click > Rename ‘x’ items > in ‘Find’ box, type the string of characters that’s common to all the files (This may be spl_32_YYYYMMDD if you scanned all the photos on the same date, or spl_32_YYYYMM if you scanned them all in the same month) > In ‘Replace with’ box, type your desired prefix > Click ‘Replace’. This will save photos with your desired prefix and renumber them serially.
For more tips, refer to our blog or to Pic Scanner Gold FAQ.