Scan, automatically crop multiple photos at a time.

How to scan photos
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Scan photos at the speed of light. With iPhone or iPad.

Forget scanners. Scan photos with Pic Scanner Gold app for iPhone and iPad. Scan, auto-crop multiple photos per click in high resolution. Probably the world’s best photo scanner app. ADDICTIVE!!

Paper photos of your childhood or honeymoon? Scan them out of that shoebox, album or scrapbook. Convert legacy pictures into albums, greeting cards or slideshows. Turn the tedious chore of scanning into a joyous journey of nostalgic rediscovery. Relatives have old family photos that you want? Scan them into your phone. Preserve piles of photos in minutes. Make memories portable and shareable.

Add captions to scanned photos. So nothing is ever forgotten

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Pic Scanner Gold app does more than just scan photos.

After scanning, add captions and metadata to photos. Record place, date, names and other details about your photographs with this exclusive feature. There's no easier way to preserve memories. Share on social media, or archive in your computer or any cloud service.

Why scan with one app, then use other apps for all else? Pic Scanner Gold does it all. Packed with features, yet easy to use. Unlimited photo scanning and sharing. So inexpensive, and you can use it on iPhone, iPad or both.

Enhance, restore old photos in seconds.

pic scanner gold editing tools

All the editing tools you'd want in a photo scanner app.

You will love our professional grade photo editor. Nineteen amazing tools to take your scans from great to gorgeous. Easily adjust lighting, contrast, color or brightness. Rotate or straighten. Focus, blur or sharpen. Remove stains, blemishes and red eyes. Apply filters. Add text. Recolor, unfade your heirloom photos. Lots more.

Pic Scanner Gold even lets you import pictures from Photos app for editing, captioning and pooling with scanned photos. Thus all your memories - today’s and yesterdays’, scanned and digital, from your collection and other family members’, can be in one place and look equally good.

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Create beautiful digital photo albums.

organize photos album

Organize memories in digital photo albums, in minutes.

Never again struggle to find your photos. Group them by event, place, year or in any other way. With Pic Scanner Gold, it takes only a minute or two to create an album.

Rearrange photos in albums by simply dragging & dropping. Add a photo to as many albums as you like, without using extra space on your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy viewing slideshows of your albums.

Want to share albums and captions? Check out the Goodies section to learn how.

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Share scanned photographs.
Double the happiness.

Share scanned photographs.
Double the happiness.

Scanning photos makes them instantly shareable. Everyone in the family can enjoy those nostalgic moments, wherever they are. Pic Scanner Gold gives you so many options to save, share and archive scanned photos:

  • - Camera Roll
  • - Message, Email, WhatsApp, Instagram
  • - Facebook, Twitter, Google, Scan Vault
  • - Computer (via AirDrop or Files/iCloud)
  • - Dropbox and other cloud services

No need for an expensive cloud subscription with Pic Scanner Gold. Transfer photos and albums between iPhone and iPad, or back up to computer. Free. Any time.

Goodies! Fun ways to enjoy and share old memories.

pic scanner gold Goodies

Exclusive 'Goodies'! Fun ways to enjoy your priceless memories.

After you scan photos, try some cool stuff with them. All this comes included with Pic Scanner Gold:

  • Instant albums: Scanned photos of a wedding, vacation or reunion? Add captions, and with one tap, convert them to a shareable album.
  • Personalized cards: Make a birthday or anniversary extra special with a beautiful card featuring a prized photo. Great way to show love.
  • Retro slideshow: Remember View Master fom your childhood? See your pictures in that nostalgic old format.
  • DIY photo crafts: Get creative and try out one of our mini-tutorials. Easy ideas to create beautiful, personalized gifts for loved ones.


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Which app: Pic Scanner or Pic Scanner Gold?

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We invented multi-scanning for mobile. In 2013, Pic Scanner was world’s first photo scanner app for scanning and auto-cropping multiple photos, and adding captions. Users could also edit, create albums, and share photos. At US$3.99, it's still a great bargain.

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Pic Scanner Gold is probably the best photo scanner app you can find. No other picture scanner app has so many useful features. Fast scanning. Great editing tools. Ability to share albums and captions, sync between devices. Many ways to share photos. Slideshows and greeting cards. No subscriptions or in-app purchases. At an all-in US$7.99, it's an absolute steal.

Upgrading from Pic Scanner to Gold? With our Photo Scanner App Pack, you only pay the difference