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Create Tilt-Shift Photos With iPhone and Pic Scanner Gold App


Before we get into creating cool tilt-shift photos, a bit about Pic Scanner Gold. This is a photo scanner app for iOS that lets you scan and auto-crop multiple photos with one touch. It also has many other fun and

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How to do great food photography with iPhone


Food photography is seriously popular Did you know that on Facebook and Instagram, there are 3.7 FOOD photos or videos for every CAT photo or video? Well, we just made that up (Fake news 😊) but there’s no doubt that food

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The best lenses for iPhoneography


                      Serious about iPhoneography? If you are a keen photographer, you probably have mixed feelings about your iPhone camera. You use it a lot more than your DSLR, but miss

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Incredible photos you won’t believe were taken on iPhone


DSLR or iPhone? Do you still lug around your camera bag, along with an assortment of lenses, filters and other photography paraphernalia? Or do you take photos with iPhone but feel that it’s no match for a “proper” DSLR? Wait

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Shoot better with iPhone (10 tips)


These iPhone photography tips come from iphonephotographyschool.com, one of the best places on the internet for learning iPhoneography.                           As Emil Pakarklis explains, it doesn’t have to take

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How to take better photos with iPhone

better photos with iphone

MacRumors videographer, Matt Gonzalez, has created an introduction video on how to take better photos with iPhone.                             Tips for iPhoneography This short video introduction offers great

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