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How to Make Greeting Cards with Old Photos (and Love!)


Sending a personalized greeting card for a loved one’s birthday or anniversary is a great way to show you care. Mass-produced, store-bought cards just don’t have that magic. And there is a lot of insipid, watermarked stuff on the Internet

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Pic Scanner Gold – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) So you have downloaded Pic Scanner Gold or Pic Scanner, and are all set to scan photos with iPhone or iPad? This Help & Troubleshooting Guide contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our apps’ features. Click

How to scan photos with iPhone or iPad


There are many ways to scan photos. Let us show you some easy ones.                         Digitizing old family photos can be a monumental task. Even if you are tech-savvy

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5 picture scanner apps that will surprise you


Lifehack is a good source of practical tips. Here is their review of 5 best picture scanner apps: When we think of scanner apps, document scanners are the first that come to mind. These are very helpful tools for saving

These handy apps put a photo scanner in your pocket


An aged relative dies, leaving behind a box of mysterious 1940s hockey photos. What do you do? If you are David Pierini of Cult of Mac, you research them on the internet. And to digitize the photos, your use your

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Transfer photos to Pic Scanner Gold


Upgrading from Pic Scanner app to Pic Scanner Gold, and wondering how to transfer photos to the new app? It’s easy! Why upgrade to Pic Scanner Gold? Pic Scanner Gold is a much-enhanced version of Pic Scanner. If you own

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Pic Scanner Gold – Export to Google Photos


So you have scanned your photos with Pic Scanner, and are all set to export to Google Photos? Pic Scanner Gold can instantly export pictures to ANY cloud or photo storage service you like. However, exporting Google Photos require an

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Tips for high-resolution scans


With newer iPhone and iPad models sporting 12MP cameras, you can get pretty high-resolution scans with Pic Scanner Gold app. The tips below will help you get the best out of our apps Pic Scanner and Pic Scanner Gold. Although

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