Shoot great food photos with iPhone

Food photos are probably as numerous, if not more, than cat photos on Facebook, Instagram and other photo sharing networks.

Take amazing food photos anywhere

When we were kids and food arrived on the table, we would say grace. Nowadays, we slide a finger across our iPhone, snap a picture, and post it on Facebook. Welcome to the age to food porn!















Everyone can point and click with the iPhone. What’s there to make your photos jump out of your timeline and earn a thousand ‘Likes’ (or drops of saliva)?

This article from Petapixel provides a great tutorial on taking good food photos. It also provides tips on image editing apps for iPhone photo processing. You don’t need sophisticated lighting, props or location. Natural light will do just fine – iPhone cameras used to be lousy in low light conditions, but they have improved a lot. And as for location, just about anywhere would do – the restaurant or coffee shop where you are chowing, your kitchen or living room.

Our top tips to get drool-worthy food photos:

  1. Use natural light
  2. Get up-close
  3. Take multiple pics
  4. Use ordinary objects to create props

More detailed tips? Read this tutorial at Petapixel website on food photos and get clicking.



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